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Ongoing Threat Matrix [All; OOC]
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Post Ongoing Threat Matrix [All; OOC] 
So, I think a single place where we can stick what threats are out there for the city, what information we have on them, and what is being done about it, by whom; would be very useful.

I will update the main post in this thread with information generated in game or journals as they are available (or even better, POSTED HERE).


Too Balanced City
Fallen Pack's Vampire Master
Nym's Prophetic Message
Police Accountant Ben.  Who is dead.  Sort of.

Are there any others?

Sacrificed for the Truth
Homid | Shadow Lord | Philodox
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Alpha of the Sept of Slaked Thirsts
Master of Challenges
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Physical Description:
A medium sized man Zack dresses in a simple business casual manner, dress shirt, a light overcoat and slacks with servicable boots. Under his shoulders he keeps two pistols in holsters, with ammunition on his belt. Those astue enough will notice a hilt sticking out from the left side of his back, concealed very well by the normal coat he wears. He has also gained a fluid way of walking, such as that he is almost stalking at most times.
- People are stupid. They can be made to believe any lie because either they want to believe it's true or because they are afraid it's true.
- Life is the future, not the past.
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Post Re: Ongoing Threat Matrix [All; OOC] 
Hula Dancer isn't a threat, it's an information source.

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