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Burnout and Going Forward: A poll
How should we handle this burnout?
Poll runs until Wed 26 Sep, 2153 22:06

Option One - New STs.
Option Two - Hiatus.
Option Three - Soft RP only.

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Post Burnout and Going Forward: A poll 
First, I want you to know that none of this is because anyone has done anything wrong, or even because we don't love STing for you. Because I, at least, do.

The problem is, right now, I cant.

And neither can your other STs. Marcus, Justin, Lissa, and I are completely, and I mean 110% burned out.  We need a break.

This boils down to approximately three options.


Option One - New STs.

For this option to work, I need two people, who live here, and one who may or may not, to step up onto staff. We need an HST, an AST and an Online ST.

Things will change, possibly a lot, as this would be a complete hand-over.

For this option to win, regardless of votes, I must have volunteers for these positions, list themselves below.


Option Two - Hiatus.

Second option, would be thus: Hiatus for 9ish months. This would leave you with 3 months to wrap up any in character things, or transfer to another game to keep playing, and then 6 months of down time. In that six months, anyone who has not transferred their characters would be unable to interact with anyone as those characters, nor would those characters be able to complete any downtime actions other than the most mundane. "Kept going to school and defending the sept" sort of things.


Option Three - Soft RP only.

The third option leaves soft RP as characters ONLY with one-another (no st involvement may be expected from us, though if one of us has a good day, we might hop on to provide some sort of entertainment)
We would not go into hiatus, by dint only of having the minimum one game every three months to keep us from falling into that status.

This poll will run for one week, delivering us final results on next Friday.

ST of Stuff I haven't made other people ST for instead.
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Post Re: Burnout And Going Forward: A Poll 
So, vote seems to be for soft RP.

Is there a way we want to try and handle that, and have a game in September for anything that needs done?

I offered to take over some ST responsibility, and can help run some things on the forums for people that need it; if AJ/Lissa are OK giving me some basic plot outlines and the like.

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