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A Proper Shindig
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Post A Proper Shindig 
((Hey folx, several of us that will be in this thread have life things so responses will likely ebb and flow in strange ways. My intent is that this takes place at some nebulous place between Pack Binding and the as-yet-unnamed scene in which we get out of time lock. While it is not my intent for anything beyond a casual social scene to occur, Garou are just the worst so who knows?))

Brennus arrives in the clearing in which the crew has made camp carrying a rather sizable stone cauldron, rough carved with knotwork and pointedly ancient. Once he's crossed through the open field and found his way back into the comfortable shade near the Pavilion the Fianna glances around. Frowning slightly, the cauldron is set gently to one side with no apparent effort.



Fianna, Adren, Homid
5G, 9H, 6W
Pure Breed: 5
Spirit Heritage: 5 (The Morrigan)

Sovereign Legacy - The blood of a known god runs through your veins and all of creation can feel it in theirs. Having the strength of your divine (or infernal) legacy behind you gives interactions with you a certain twist, based on ST discretion. Your difficulties on all Social rolls are -2 and your presence grants +1 to any group endeavors. ((Supporter Merit with different flavor text and additional cost))

With pointed ears, teeth a bit sharper than they need to be, and a smile like sin before supper, Brennus is not one to blend in. His clothing is mutable, dependent almost entirely on what is most available, save for a raven feather braided into his hair and a necklace of beads loose around his neck. Usually seen with his raven companion, a look of mischief in his eye, and a stride full of poorly contained violence. Somewhere there is a large, far too intelligent orange Maine Coon watching, waiting, and looking distinctly like they know something you don't.

"A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life started anew." -- Aberjhani
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