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A Proper Shindig
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
Kara watches the Elder's offering carefully before approaching, and taking the requsite clear droplets and tucking them away. Smirking at Eve's enthusiasm, Kara moves to begin packing down the dirt that Brennus and Rex had dug up in a wide circle around the deep pit they dug. Her own heavy bags set aside for the moment, she set kindling down low in the pit and got it going, the acrid sting of leafy twigs going up in smoke curling in the air before giving way to the small sticks of hardwood that followed.

When her mate arrives, Kara relieves Brennus of one of his bundles of wood and uses it to begin building up the fire in to something that will light the clearing well and also produce a fat bed of coals to heat stones for cooking with ease.

Done with this task, she checks on the wee ones and then moves over find a bottle of stout, frothy beer.

Irish woman are curves and class and straight whiskey in a glass
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
Eve works with Syd to get the babies squared a way in a hammock strung between two trees.

Then, it is party time. She disappears into the tent nearby and comes out in a dancers outfit in green and gold, and wielding a tambourine. She makes her way over to the fire with a swish in her hips, the sort of subtle movements that draw the eye naturally to one.

She paces the circle once, to take it's measure and imprint the feel of the dirt under her bare feet, and then, tambourine in hand, she begins to beat out a faced paced rhythm to dance a reel to. It only takes a minute or so of the music before her feet cannot stay still any longer, and her knees and hips follow suit, taking the res of her with them as she begins to sway and kick and whirl her way around the fire.

A strange blend of shyness, of pride and conceit, and a stubborn refusal to bow in defeat.
She spoiling and ready to argue and fight, yet the smile of a child fills her soul with delight.
Her eyes are the quickest to well up in tears, and her strength is the strongest to banish your fears.
Her hate is as fierce as her devotion is grand and there is no middle ground on which she will stand.
She’s wild and she’s gentle, she is good and she’s bad. She’s proud and she’s humble, she’s happy and sad.
She’s in love with the ocean, the earth and the skies,she is enamored with beauty- wherever it lies.
She’s victor, she’s victim, a star and a clod… but mostly she’s Irish, in love with her God.
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
Yiya-teh chuckles her approval at the actions of the pair of kinfolk and helps herself to a beer as well, mostly to cleanse the bitter taste of the mushroom she'd just thoroughly masticated from her pallet.

The arrival of David is met with a long, odd look and a reserved sniff in his direction, before Yiya-teh offers him a beer as well. "I can smell the trouble on you from here, kid." The beautiful shaman shook her head in amusement at something only she knew. "Be welcome to our small gathering, Trickster's Son. Behave and everyone here will too."

She then turns her attention to Mackenzie. "How have you been settling in among us, child? Have you need for anything?"

Yiya-teh "Sees Her Foes"
Lupus. Uktena. Theurge. Elder.
Dex 5, Sta 5, Str 5 ~ App 5, Cha 5, Man 5 ~ Int 5, Perc 5, Wits 5

It is my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving. But know this when it comes to matters of protecting my friends,
my family, and my heart: Do not trifle with me. If you do, you will find that I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will know,
and you will be sure of that when I taste your heart's blood and watch the light fade from your eyes until your dying breath.
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
"Awakened," Reagan repeats in answer to Mackenzie. "As in the spiritual essence within has been ritually enhanced. Which in some regards is really awesome. The spirit within is alive and empowering it to do what it does 1000% better and moreso. Downside, those without a warrior's," he nods towards the Garou present, "endurance and stamina can suffer some minor setbacks from the use of awakened drink and herb. Alcohol poisoning and death are one option. I have heard stories of possession caused by the same sort of things, when they're awakened with evil intent by evildoers." He shrugs dramatically. "It's your body and I won't stop you, but if I have to convince a bear-lady to fix you, I am going to be very cross with how our girls night out turned out."

He might have been about to say more on the subject, but the Elder showed up and then Eve started dancing shortly thereafter, to which he clapped his hands in rhythm. When the newcomer wandered in, and he heard Yiya-teh's pronouncement, he left Mackenzie's side with an 'Excuse me, luv.' and makes his way over to the man. "Name's Reagan. What brings you, friend?" He offers a hand in pleasant greeting.

"Say 'Nevermore,'" said Shadow.
"Fuck You," said the Raven.
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
David gave the first young woman to smile and wave at him a very warm and inviting smile of his own.  When the older Native American woman says she can smell trouble on him, he gives her an innocent look.  Calling him Trickster's Son, only furthers the look.  "Me?  Trouble?" he asks, innocently, setting down the guitar and taking the offered beer, "I would never dream of doing anything of the sort, unless invited of course?" That last said with a mischevious and flirty wink to Yiya-teh, but during their interaction, his eyes never actually met hers...

When the gentleman comes up to him, David shakes his hand with a friendly grin, "David.  One of the lessons my Uncle taught me was always, 'David, should the world go all batshit, you find a place of safety.  My pack and I won't be around to keep you and the family safe.  You hear boy!?' And then he'd threaten to hit me with a stick if I wasn't listening." He made a sweeping motion, taking in the world outside of where the group was, "Considering how time has gone all, to quote my Uncle, batshit, I listened to the spirits as I was taught, let the luck gifted me by the Great Spirit guide me, and here I am.

"That...was some time ago, and then I ran into this strikingly beautiful woman named Jysirra who decided to poison me, chain me up into a bedroom in a castle, and...well, a gentleman never kisses and tells.  Though I would be more than happy to show." David takes a swig of beer and mischievous glint in his eyes that swiftly becomes a look of pure excitement and joy, "That, though, can definitely be later, for now we have a party to begin, dancing to be had, and who can dance without proper music?"

Appearence x5
Charisma x4
Animal Magnetism
Performance x5(guitar, drums, singing, talesinging & dancing)
No Pure Breed.
No Rage.

A tall and lean man of Native American descent. Tilted blue eyes gleam mischievously, giving him a slightly vulpine appearance. A mane of black hair falls to his shoulders, pulled in a well kept ponytail.
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Post Re: A Proper Shindig 
Mackenzie laughs and holds up her hands at Reagan's warning. "Duly noted. I'll play it safe tonight."

Lifting a hand, she waggles her fingers in farewell to Reagan as he moves to engage with David.

As Yiya-teh addresses her she lifts a shoulder in a simple shrug. "Well enough I suppose? It's only seemed a couple days for me so I don't have much needs yet or anything. I'm still in that... new adventure mode I guess you could say. I was leant some space to crash which was much appreciated. Aside from that I think I'm just waiting till the time bubble thing ends so that I can get my feet under me proper. Figure out how to get paperwork and a job and all that jazz."

Attractive (5 dots in Appearance) female in early 20’s. Though clearly of mixed heritage, her darker skin and rich hair hint at some sort of Hispanic blood in her family tree.

Equipment: Backpack w/ wallet, cell phone, sketch book or 3, art supplies

Purebreed: none
Rage: 0
Gnosis: 0
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